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We specialize in early childhood dance classes in the Chicagoland area with our mobile dance studio!
Our mobile classes are an introduction class for younger students. The class focuses on movement and teaches basic dance techniques in Ballet and Tap. Most of class if focused around dance and singing techniques to keep students attention . This class will improve movement, explore creativity and challenge listening skills. Students will begin learning basic dance moves each week in different styles including ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. We will be practicing across the floor work, center work, dance routines, stretches, and fun developmental dance games! Jumping Beans is designed to improve students fine and gross motor skills, coordination, social skills, and confidence in their dancing. Our trained instructors are dedicated to helping students improve no matter which skill level they may be at. We hope to teach students new dancing skills, empower them in their practice, and to have fun!

check out our plano or naperville studio classes to get started with dance today, we have weeknight & weekend classes available!

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