5 Ways to Make Your Dancer Shine!

5 Ways to Make Your Dancer Shine! Managing, repairing, shining and supporting.

1. How to manage thick hair.

The best way to get your dancers hair looking its best is by not washing it for a day or two! This goes for thick hair but also any type of hair, not washing it will allow for easier styling, a better hold, and better curling. Working with the hairs natural oils is the best way to get a stage ready look.

2. What bobby pins do I need?

Roller pins are great for long or thick hair. These types of bobby pins will make your bun stay longer and look better. Jumbo pins are also good for buns and they stay great in your bun former. You may also need some mini pins for those small pieces of hair that won’t stay put. Spraying your bobby pins with hairspray will also help them to stay in the hair.

3. Get the perfect shoe fit!

Make sure to replace dance shoes and size up when the dancer starts feeling snug. If the shoes are too big or too small steps will be harder to complete and you risk injury or ripping of the shoe. Shoe size is so important, ask your instructor to help you size your shoes to make sure you have a good fit.

4. How to repair holes in your dancers tights.

Every dancers faces the day when they get a run in their tights. No one wants to buy new tights every couple of weeks so here’s how we save you the effort of getting new tights every time there’s a hole! Small runs and holes can be repaired in seconds by coating the rip or tear with clear nail polish. This will seal the hole and stop it from getting bigger. There’s also a way to avoid the hole before it happens! 5. Getting a perfect bun

Always start your bun with a nice slicked back ponytail. For thinner hair, you may need to tease the ponytail to get more volume. Twist the hair as tights as possible then wrap the hair around the ponytail holder. Be careful not to pull it too tight into the ponytail holder or your bun will stick out. Secure the bun with a bun net and use U-shaped pins to help secure it. Lastly, spray everything down with hairspray

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