How to Practice at Home with Your Child

Easy ways to practice at home with your child!

Practice is the key to success in any sport or activity, and dance is certainly no different! Practicing your skills and choreography are vital to growing as a dancer and shining on stage. As a parent, knowing how to best help your student practice at home will help them to succeed in dance class. Every student, no matter how old, will need reminders to practice just like they do with their homework. Adding in practice time to their daily schedule after they complete their homework is an easy way to make dance practice a part of their daily routine.

For younger students, you’ll need to practice with them, play their music and help them to review their choreography. Older students will be able to review on their own, but watch them dance every now and then and give pointers. Make sure they’re practicing with facial expressions and looking out at the audience during their practice. You don’t need to be a dancer to be an audience and every student can benefit from performing for an audience. Encourage your dancer to practice individual sections of the dance to perfect each section.

Other helpful ways to help your child get the most out of their practice times are: videoing them dancing and let them watch, video the dance in class so if they forget they have something to go back on, review notes from their teacher with them, have them practice in front of a mirror. All of these things will help your student become a stronger and more confident dancer and performer. They will be ready to shine at recital or win at competition if dance is a part of their daily routine.

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