Positives of a Performance Team

Wondering why you should be on a performance team?

Wondering why you should be on a performance team? There are so many benefits to joining a performance team!

1. Little Time Commitment: A performance team only meets once a week for a short time

so you can still be involved in other activities! 2. Affordable: We know that being a part of company is a lot of extra fees and classes, a

performance team costs the same as normal class but they get to go to competition too! They get two costumes for the cost of one and they get to be in both the winter and spring recital. 3. Multiple Performance Opportunities: A performance team gets to perform at the winter

and spring recitals, go to one competition, and get opportunities for additional performances and parades. 4. Get the Experience of Being on a Team: Being on a team helps dancers learn how to

dance together, they get new friendships, and teamwork skills. 5. No Dance Experience Required: Performance teams are for new and experienced

dancers, no matter what level of dance experience you have we will find a spot in a performance team for you!

If you’re looking for a competition dance experience without the time/cost commitment than a performance team is perfect for you!

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