Why Should I Put My Child in a Dance Recital?

Should my child do sports, art, theater, or dance? Why a dance recital?

As a parent, you're always struggling with what activity is best for your child. Should my child do sports, art, theater, or dance? Every extra-curricular activity has many benefits for a child. We believe that dance has so many benefits and being a part of the winter or spring recital is a huge milestone for a child of any age. Getting up on stage and performing in front of tons of people is so scary and a huge step for any child, no matter how brave. Here are 8 reasons why you should put your child in a dance recital!

1. Dance recitals build children's confidence.

Getting on stage and performing in front of an audience is a huge feet. Getting the experience of having an audience watch and applaud for you, is a huge confidence booster for any child. 2. Builds new skills.

Dancers will learn new skills to incorporate in their recital, new steps are placed in every routine to help the dance build their dance knowledge and show their best self at recital. 3. Encourages teamwork.

Children learn teamwork skills through a dance performance. They have to learn how to dance as a team rather than an individual to create the best dance piece. Learning how to make every step look the same and spatial awareness are both included in dance routines. 4. Builds muscle memory.

Learning a routine for a dance recital helps build students muscle-memory. Practicing the same steps over and over will build a strong memory in students of any age. 5. Makes memories.

The memories that you and your student will create from being in a dance student are priceless. The photos, the congratulations, the videos, and the confidence gained will all be special memories you will never forget. 6. Improves social skills.

Getting to work so close with other dancers will help create friendships, build confidence, and social skills. 7. Encourages goal setting.

Students are encouraged to create and set goals through their recital piece. Working toward a hard to reach step or even just remembering the choreography are goals that every student will strive to reach. 8. Builds work-ethic.

Students will work very hard at making sure their recital dance looks amazing. Practicing at home and working in class will help the students to grow their work-ethic.

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